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Cool news for you iPhone and iPod Touch owners: this blog is now specially formatted to look great on those devices!  I just checked it out on my iPhone, and readability is greatly improved.  Meanwhile, nothing will change for existing PC-based readers.  It’s the best of both worlds!

Implementation was about as simple as it can get.  An easy-to-use plugin and theme by ContentRobot did all the grunt work for us.  So if you have a WordPress blog of your own, check out iWPhone.

Are Traditional Blogs On Their Way Out? Not For Me.

With the recent release of the TechMeme Leaderboard, it’s been noted that most of the top 100 sources wouldn’t fall under the general definition of a blog. And if you consider a blog to be the thoughts of a single person (as opposed to multiple writers or an editorial staff), the count is even smaller.

Some consider this to be a sign of disinterest in “traditional” blogs, but for me, the opposite is true. I’ve found that lately I’m much more interested in the blogs of a single person, who gives their opinion and take on current events.

When I first started reading blogs, my main goal was basically “don’t miss anything”. I felt that there was so much news out there that it was important to be able to keep up on everything that was going on. I spent most of my time reading blogs like TechCrunch or link aggregators like Reddit.

But now I find that simply getting the headlines is pretty easy. Usually skimming through TechMeme is enough to update me on the days events in the tech world. After that, I want to go beyond the headlines and read the opinions and views of bloggers based on their personal experience and expertise — people like Robert Scoble, Fred Wilson, Allen Stern, or Dave Winer.

And I think this is where the blogosphere provides value beyond traditional media. Blogs allow influencers and insiders are able to share their views in a way they couldn’t before. So while news sources like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal will always be around, I don’t think traditional blogs will be going anywhere.

Upgraded WordPress

Wordpress LogoWe’ve finally upgraded WordPress (the engine powering this blog) to the latest version (2.1 from 2.0). We’ve been very happy with how it works thus far, though we’ve noticed that our trackbacks never seemed to be going out. It’s been a nagging problem for some time now, and finally it’s been fixed.

Part of the problem, really, is that we could receive trackbacks from other sites without problem, but sending them out never seemed to work. Adding the URLs to the Write Post page would never show them as being successfully sent, for some reason. And, to make matters worse, tracking down what the problem actually was didn’t seem possible: WordPress doesn’t keep good logs, for some reason.

The lesson here is: when in doubt, upgrade. And perhaps have better logs. And never forget to back everything up.

Del.icio.us Linkroll

del.icio.us logoI’ve (finally) added a linkroll to the Draconis Software Blog, provided by del.icio.us. Over time, I’ve been adding interesting programming, science, lifehack, and other related links to my bookmarks, and thought I’d share them here. Hope you find them useful.