MacBook Happiness

There have been a lot of things discussed across the blogosphere regarding problems with the MacBook laptops, such as random shutdowns and case discoloration.  Well, I just wanted to point out that not everyone is having these problems: I bought my MacBook in May and have been using it on a daily basis since without a single problem.  I use it as my main desktop computer at work, and it’s performed great (I’m even writing this on it now).

My MacBook has been the best all-around laptop I’ve yet owned, and based on my experiences, I’d highly recommend it to anyone considering buying a new laptop.  My next purchase will probably be a Mac Mini towards the end of the year.

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  • Norman

    Two days ago I down loaded Apples Firmware which was suggested in the update box. After down loading I was asked to reboot the computer. I followed the instruction given by Firmware update. I shut down the computer and in order to reboot I pressed the power button until power light started to flash. Surprisingly the computer never went into auto mode and the logic board failed. I had the Macbook checked by an Apple technician and he confirmed the logic board failure which is beyond repair. My Macbook is 1 year and 5 (!) weeks old and although talking to Apple custom relation several times I am not eligible for a warranty repair. Unfortunately I never purchased the AppleCare warranty extension. Dose anyone have suggestions what to do next?

  • ryan

    Ouch, Norman, that sounds terrible! I was in a similar position when my MacBook’s logic board died, though luckily I had the AppleCare. In fact, I believe mine died almost about the same time as yours (about a month outside of the 1 year warranty).

    As for what to do next, I guess the best bet is to check eBay for spare MacBook logic boards and see if it’s something you could repair yourself. Also, perhaps the Apple technicians would be willing to work on an hourly basis. Good luck!