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iPhone and iPad Apps? Check.
Android Apps? Yeah, we do those too.

We’ve been developing iOS applications since the platform was first released in 2008. The iPhone and iPad are two of the biggest technology devices in history. Now is the perfect time to enter the arena of iOS, and we’d love to be the people to help you do it. We can help you every part of creating a mobile app, including getting the idea on paper, coming up with wireframes, final designs, as well as the actual development and testing of your app.

In addition to iOS development, we build Android applications as well. Between those two platforms, your app will cover the vast majority of the smartphone market.

We make web apps that help your company work better.

We’re Ruby on Rails experts. We’ve been building complicated sites from the ground up using Rails for years, including some very popular – and highly scalable – sites. With our background in IT operations for very large sites, we bring a highly focused, experienced approach to application building.

Check out Tweetree.com: a popular online Twitter client with millions of pageviews per month. Or, visit Invotrak.com, an online invoicing and timesheet tracking application used by tens of thousands of small businesses around the world.